Video Gallery

  • टिड्डी जागरूकता वीडियोटिड्डी पर जानकारी
  • टिड्डी जागरूकताटिड्डी जागरूकता व प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम
  • Pink BollwormSucess Stories of Management of Pink Bollworm
  • Brown Plant HopperSucess Stories of Management of Brown Plant Hopper
  • Fall Army WormManagement of Fall Army Worm
  • Ditylenchus DipsaciLive microscopic demonstration of Ditylenchus sp., a Quarantine Pest (Nematode), intercepted in Strawberry bare root imported from USA.
  • RPQS, Kolkata LabRenovated office premises and laboratories of Regional Plant Quarantine Station, Kolkata where field inspected import/export commodities are analyzed on regular basis for pest infection/infestation. Rigorous inspection, pathogen culture study along with grow-out tests of seeds are also done.
  • WelcomeSeason Long Training Programme on Gram conducted by Central Integrated Pest Management Centre, Raipur from 9th Jan.- 7th Feb., 2017.